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Name: Jeffrey Reeves
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Company Name: EUREKONOMICS[tm] Biography: Jeffrey Reeves MA, EUREKONOMIST™ has spent almost forty years helping Americans who are trapped in the dysfunctional financial model that incessantly chants the mantra: “You can have everything you need and anything you want as long as you have enough credit!” You can have the sixty inch flat panel TV, the new SUV, the dream vacation, the lavish “once-in-a-lifetime” wedding, the upscale home, a perfect retirement, and on and on… To this way of thinking “I can afford it” means you have enough income to make the payments – including huge amounts of interest. This model barely whispers that you really don’t own the things you “buy”—you only get to use them. But, it shouts that just “having” them proves your wealth and worth. This model is designed to make others wealthy at your expense. It makes bad decisions feel good. This is the Debt Paradigm. And, when some life event decimates your income and Debt Paradigm decisions dump you into a dungeon of despair, a “credit repair” con creeps from a crevasse to show you a way out of the darkness and back into the light of this failed model - so you can do it all over again. EUREKONOMICS[tm] is a better way. Jeffrey's life-changing books—Money Now, Money Later, Money for Life! - How to Thrive in Good Times and Bad and The 250th Anniversary Edition of The Way to Wealth by Benjamin Franklin – Commentary by Dr Agon Fly—shows you how to regain control of the money that flows through your life...without giving up your lifestyle. Jeffrey's two latest works--Five Great Gifts of Whole Life Insurance and The Dazzling Dozen--highlight the power, flexibility, and versatility of participating whole life insurance policies offered by mutual insurance companies. All books are available at or EUREKONOMICS™ lets you look forward with confidence so you never have to look back with regret.
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