Michele Heiny Scott

Somers Point, NJ

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Name: Michele Heiny Scott
Job Title: Financial Advisor
Biography: Helping smart women become financially savvy. My focus is on helping clients manage their wealth through life's transitions. Whether owners of a small business, couples or individuals, my clients are either planning for, or already experiencing a life change. My practice embraces the unique needs women may have in managing their wealth. My Mission is to ensure women are well prepared for a strong financial future through education, communication and support. This enables them to focus on their life and purpose with confidence. My clients, many of whom possess substantial wealth on their own, are smart and capable but often feel challenged by the knowledge and strategy needed to make important financial decisions. Together, we are able to establish a plan that fits their goals but also provides the understanding and education they need to feel confident about their financial future. My experience has taught me that during critical life changes such as business succession, retirement, loss of a loved one, a job change or sudden financial windfall, most clients share the same concerns: What can I do to make sure I won't be a burden to my loved ones? How will I make my money last? I don't want to end up a Bag Lady. Who will listen, understand and treat me with respect? By working together, we can: Engage a proactive process of evaluation, strategy and organization that simplifies financial matters, Develop a Lifestyle Wealth Plan that provides clarity and direction, And increase overall financial knowledge through my exclusive Financially Savvy Women's Club and other specialty events.
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