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Ryan Pinney

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Name: Ryan Pinney
Job Title: Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Company Name: Pinney Insurance Center, Inc. Biography: Ryan Pinney is an expert at using technology to drive insurance business and streamline the application and underwriting processes. He leverages his experience with search engine optimization, social media, and online marketing to assist agents and agencies alike create their online presence and profit from it.

His company, Pinney Insurance Center, Inc. is a national brokerage general agency that provides insurance, investment, and financial planning advice combined with proprietary tools to assist agents and financial advisors. Utilizing the same principles and technology his firm provides to agents, his firm sold more than 16,000 policies direct-to-consumer over the internet last year through sites including Trusted Quote.

Ryan is a 3-time MDRT Top of the Table qualifier and regular contributor to financial publications where he has been featured by Bankrate.com, Yahoo! Finance, and Fox Business News. He currently serves as the local President of NAIFA Northern California and as a member of the MDRT Member Communications Committee and NAIFA California’s Social Media Task Force.

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