Steve Kobrin

Steven Kobrin

Fair Lawn, NJ

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Name: Steven Kobrin
Job Title: President
Company Name: The Firm of Steven H. Kobrin, LUTCF Biography:

In 1991, I entered the life insurance business full-time and formed my own brokerage seven years later. In developing my agency, I took a concept my father originated — "super-specialization" — to a whole other level, combining it with the "elite service principles" I learned early in my career.

Not only do I specialize solely in life insurance — not only do I have the expertise needed to specialize in helping people who represent a higher risk — but I can do so in multiple risk areas (medical, lifestyle, legal and financial) and in all states (except Alaska and Hawaii). The decades I've spent helping clients get affordable life insurance at reliable rates have given my a passion for helping consumers, serving as the driving inspiration for my blog.

I've practiced religious and spiritual disciplines - including traditional Judaism, yoga, and kung fu - all my adult life. I've also been a student of success and personal development teachers. My Elite Broker Services network allows me to help other life insurance producers reach their own personal and financial potential.

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