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Name: Brad Cooper
Job Title: Trusted Advisor
Company Name: Cooper Financial Group, LLC Biography: Brad Cooper started in the financial industry back in 1993. As you can imagine, he has seen a lot of changes since then! “People are much more worried about protecting their money,” he says “and they tend to think more about unforeseen health issues.” Brad says there is a new conservatism with finances, something he understands and deeply appreciates. Brad changed his practice several years ago to focus on protecting money, in essence, to assisting his clients to not outliving their money during retirement. “For me,” he explains, “it’s about relationships, about getting to know people. I’ve been in the business for 21 years now and I realized I needed to focus on safe money, on income and asset protection.” Brad says wealth preservation and financial security when looking at retirement planning is key for him-- and his clients. Brad is an Independent professional, meaning his advice is not dictated by any company or product provider. He says being independent is crucial to giving practical advice because not being beholden to any company or product, allows him to always place his customers first. He spends a lot of time educating people and enjoys it very much! “My mission at Cooper Financial,” he says, “is to help keep people on the path towards financial security, and independence. Everyone deserves a secure and independent retirement.” Brad earned his BA from Columbia College. He is a member of the NEA, (National Ethics Association) and the author of Financial Answers for the Rest of Your Life. Brad is also involved in his community including the Chamber of Commerce. Working with retirees and people approximately ten years away from retirement, however, is his true passion! “I always look to what keeps people up at night,” he says “and then I look for practical solutions that may help them sleep a little better.” Married for over 23 years to wife, Shelly, Brad enjoys swimming, traveling and coaching his two
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