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Baton Rouge, LA

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Name: Taylor Clark
Job Title: Marketing Director
Company Name: The Presley Group, LLC Biography: My name is Taylor Clark and I am a blogger, internet marketer and web designer living in Baton Rouge, LA. I work as an independent contractor and consultant and have worked with businesses ranging from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies to develop consistent branding, improve their online image and expand their company presence online through social media and internet marketing. The purpose of this blog is to share the knowledge that I gain on a daily basis through my experiences working in the marketing industry. In addition to product reviews, you will find articles on social media, internet marketing, blogging, website design and search engine optimization. Occasionally, you will find some personal articles and/or random non-sense in a section I like to refer to as The Horde. I started this blog to spread knowledge. When I first started working as a web designer, I found it difficult to find valuable information that would make my job easier. The goal of this blog and every article that I publish is to assist people in growing and understanding their business online. With that said, many of the articles you will find are geared towards small businesses and entrepreneurs. In addition to my independent contract work, I also work full time as the Marketing Director for The Presley Group, a retirement planning firm. Bragging Rights Article featured in Digital Marketing Monthly Magazine Blog currently receives over 5,000 new visitors each month
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