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September 11, 2012
PPACA's effect on the restaurant industry

September 6, 2012
Life insurance myths and offbeat alternatives for awareness month

September 5, 2012
Romney's tax returns: a lesson in transparency

August 31, 2012
What does insurance technology have to do with birth control?

August 30, 2012
Health care reform: a plea for facts

August 29, 2012
Back to reality: keys to September success for financial advisors

August 28, 2012
Is social media shortening our attention span for relationships?

August 27, 2012
College checklist: textbooks, meal plan, tuition insurance...

August 24, 2012
Who cares about the Health Insurance Rate Review Act?

August 22, 2012
LTCI is critical for women — Don't miss the boat

August 21, 2012
Sales advice for advisors from a beer scientist

August 21, 2012
Happy National Senior Citizen's Day

August 17, 2012
Nearly one half of Americans guessed on retirement plans - Turn a rude awakening into an opportunity

August 16, 2012
Facebook fails customer satisfaction test, but there's still no excuse for ignoring social media

August 15, 2012
Social media advice for advisors: Get online, and make some infographics

August 14, 2012
Robbing for health insurance: The ethics of a bad economy

August 13, 2012
Why is the U.S. government bailing out farmers who didn't cover themselves?

August 10, 2012
Handbag insurance to combat female identity theft

August 8, 2012
What does Chick-fil-A have to do with PPACA?

August 7, 2012
Social media: Think global, act local

August 3, 2012
Life expectancy needs more weight in retirement planning

August 2, 2012
Facebook: A call to action for producers

August 1, 2012
Putting the health back in health care reform

July 31, 2012
Generation Y: What not to do with your college degree

July 30, 2012
Cancellation insurance and the Olympic Games

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