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So it’s time to exhume your substandard cases from the commission graveyard and breathe life back into them. If there’s ever been an opportunity to salvage substandard cases, it’s now.

It’s no dark secret that life insurance sales are flat, a contrary view from the recent spin report in an industry magazine that touted an increase in total life premiums. But the devil’s in the details. And if the devil is in the details, then the numbers are skewed. But the bottom line here is that carriers crave new premiums like a vampire craves human blood, perpetuating their fallen state into perpetuity. But the real mortality revolution among the living is based on an emerging social culture of healthy lifestyles, medical advancements and long-term geriatric care assistance. And right now carrier competition is fierce, like a pack of werewolves fighting over a fresh kill.

The Halloween troop of the BIZ does a quick run-through the carrier table shaving programs and separates the players from the pretenders as most carrier programs just “take a little off the top,” but the top carriers “take the legs out” from under the table rating. Steve Savant, host of the Business Insurance Zone, reprises his role as the Phantom of Unplaced Premium with special guests Jessica Lopez as Little Red Riding Hood and Eric Palmer as The Count.

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