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Twitter and YouTube provide great ways to drive visitors to your website. Here are some examples of how my company has been successful:

In June I tweeted 56 times and the return impressions were over 4300 — a very good ratio. One of our calendar tweets (a tweet relating to a current event, holiday, etc.) featuring the premiere of Transformers went global with the help of several financial firms who retweeted it. A tweet highlighting an impaired risk carrier actually resulted in a submitted case. Use these strategies and see if you get similar results.

Currently, we have been setting up social media pages for our producers for marketing campaigns in their communities using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. I've also been writing retail tweets and blogs on life, annuities, long term care, disability and group pension and storing them in a file for access on our web site for our elite producers to use.

Our non FINRA producers will be able to launch their tweets on a scheduled platform anytime of the day or evening. Our FINRA producers have to receive approval from their broker/ dealer compliance department before launching. Most of the tweets are on non-security products, so the approval has been relatively easy.

Bottom line: We're see significant value in social media and broadcasting our daily Internet show in HD1080p. From Feb. 1 to July 29 we received over 155,000 clicks, two-thirds of which were downloads and embedded forwards. Because of this activity, YouTube granted us premiere status so we don't have to edit our productions below 15 minutes. All in all it's been quite a ride.
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