PPACA and the Supremes: individual mandate takes a beatingBlog added by Steve Savant on March 27, 2012
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The PPACA individual mandate hits the wall as the Supremes appear to be ready to strike down the individual mandate and in effect nullify Obamacare. The vast majority of the press core looked stunned and shocked by the veracity of the Supreme Court as they dismantled the arguments of President Obama’s legal team.

It was supposed to be a foregone conclusion as the press, liberals and their allies predicted the passage of PPACA, but Justice Kennedy was seemed skeptical from the onset. Justice Alito and Scalia conveyed doubts about the individual mandate as it left an impression of undue coercion.

Justice Roberts was a bit more conciliatory and balanced his questions to address both sides of the issue. The liberal side of the bench reiterated the premise that anyone refusing health insurance is part of the health insurance market.

But Paul Clement, arguing for the states who opposed the individual mandate, summarized his position. If “not acting” on the purchase of health case is commerce, then the government can apply that line of thinking to just about anything and without limits.

Some still believe that PPACA can survive without the individual mandate. But some of the most liberal among the press core said it’s highly unlikely.

But the damage done today to Obamacare may have far more reaching ramifications than the defeat of the PPACA. The impact on the 2012 presidential elections could redefine President Obama as a failed politician, as his signature legislation lies in ruins at the steps of the Supremes.
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