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Is the clock ticking down to the wire? No. Everything, including time-keeping, has gone digital. There may be historical preservationists who use gears and weights in the belfry towers of Europe or a Swiss hand watch wound to perfection. There may be fond memories of the old TIMEX commercial slogan, “It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.” But ticking they do no more. Even sophisticated bombs are digitized to the nano-second. The atomic clock in the naval observatory is generated by nuclear power.

So the modern digital time piece dissolves into silence, but all clocks are tolling nevertheless. And with mere weeks left in 2012, there’s still time to maximize the 2012 Tax Reform Act before the year expires. The Unified Credit is north of 5.1 million per tax payer. Now’s the time to leverage the biggest giving before the government figures it out. And keep in mind, if you have capital gains in your portfolio, you may want to sell because it looks like the capital gains tax is going up.

Steve and Mark walk you through the selling points of the 2012 Tax Reform Act and the opportunities it presents because time’s a wasting and waits for no man.

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