Retirement solutions: The genius is in the simplicity, Pt. 2

By Steve Savant

When Brooke walked into my studio, she didn’t look old enough to be the CEO of Retirement Solutions. You know, the software that displays the big red deficit line across your retirement page about 12 short of your life expectancy? She co-created the Retirement Analyzer, the turn-key retirement system that identifies your retirement's present value, calculates the shortfall (I’m assuming most consumers don’t have a windfall) and then recommends a reality gut-check to fix it.

Enter the world of Gen Xer Brooke Thomas, brainchild and number-cruncher extraordinaire of the fastest growing software for retirement. No wonder advisors who present seminars love this software. It has sudden impact on the audience.

Watch Steve Savant interview one of the sharpest of the next generation of planners as Brooke breaks it down for my boomer audience.

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