Using the five Cs of psychological hardiness

By Steve Savant

Ash Brokerage Corporation

Challenge — When you consistently look at obstacles as challenges, as opposed to getting overwhelmed by those obstacles, you remain optimistic, despite setbacks and disappointments.

Change — When you are flexible and view change as an opportunity for even more success, you keep your sights focused beyond the horizon of the mundane.

Commitment — When you stay committed to short- and long-term goals and the big picture, regardless of unfortunate experiences along the way, you are headed for success. It’s the journey that determines the outcome.

Control — When you learn to stop your negative, self-defeating thinking you will keep your emotions under control. Switch from an external locus of control to an internal locus of control, and stop worrying about external situations and events about which you can do nothing.

Creativity — When you allow your mind to freely brainstorm novel approaches to solving problems, you will feel better about yourself, as well as develop unique contributions to the success of your business. Risk has its rewards.