The Supremes start tipping the hand

By Steve Savant

If the bench banter of the Supremes is any indication of the votes to come, then the individual mandate is dead. The question then becomes can the law, in any form, still survive without the individual mandate?

The liberal leaning side of the bench began serving up the possibility that some of PPACA could remain law. But if the language of the court was interpreted at face value, PPACA may very well be laid to rest next to the individual mandate in the greatest legislation defeat for any modern sitting president.

Five justices seem to suggest the entire law will be scrapped. As it sits now —as they sit today — the majority appears ready to nix Obamacare.

The liberals who hold President Obama as their champion hung PPACA around his neck like a gold medal. If PPACA is defeated, it will tarnish the president and hang around his neck like an albatross through the election.

The president’s allies in the press are already spinning the defeat of the PPACA into an election victory for the president based on some of the popular provisions of the law. But the election is going to hinge on independent tax payers, who are already fed up (no pun intended) with footing the bill for half the country who pays no federal taxes at all.

But even if President Obama somehow survives the election, it will be back to square one on health care.

That means that emergency rooms will continue to service the uninsured and the undocumented. However, will the cost of ER patient care exceed the CBO’s prediction that Obamacare will cost $1.76 trillion between 2012 and 2020?

If Obamacare is defeated or seriously scaled back then Medicare and Medicaid will receive a reprieve — well, at least from the defeat of the PPACA. But they both may very well undergo a major overall after the election.

If the Supremes rule against PPACA in the late spring, then the proponents of PPACA will find there is no cure for the summertime blues.