Turning golf days into pay days — The marketing campaign series

By Steve Savant

Ash Brokerage Corporation

Your local club averages over 5,000 golfers of perfect financial profile at their corporate/charitable golf days each year, sponsoring these events in an inexpensive and unique way in order to be the most popular person at the 19th hole. Follow this strategy for sustained prospecting success and more vacation days each year. And keep in mind that the second year repeat performance is the most lucrative.

We all know our profession is going through some major challenges right now in positioning itself for future growth. There are three big issues that broker dealers and their advisors need to address from an agent/advisor point of view to create this sustainable growth. Practically speaking, where are brokers “missing the mark” in their marketing? Anthony addresses creative and unique approaches to keeping the prospecting quality and quantity high during difficult economic times. Steve and Anthony run through the talking points with Anthony’s special wording that has made him so popular.