The substandard carrier grid & crib sheet

By Steve Savant

Mystical marketing is at play here in the basement of these billion dollar insurance companies. As the sales zombies cast their spell over seasoned underwriters, their zeal compels them to make offers that would never occur in the first 10 months of the year. Every year at this time underwriters bemoan the fact that mindless marketers control the coffers as even the dead on arrival (DOA) files receive a second look. But it’s Halloween week. You’ve entered the twilight zone. And the dawn is still two months away.

The Halloween fiends of the BIZ reveal the carrier crib sheets, substandard carrier grids and the Impaired Risk Field Guide, that help you traverse the terror that is underwriting. Steve Savant, host of the Business Insurance Zone, reprises his role as the Phantom of Unplaced Premium with special guests Jessica Lopez as Little Red Riding Hood and Eric Palmer as The Count.

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