Open professional development days and keys to uniqueness — The marketing campaign series

By Steve Savant

Ash Brokerage Corporation

Open and own professional development days. Professional clients (doctors, dentists, vets, surgeons) all attend PD days/study groups to collect CE credits to maintain their license (sound familiar?). Discover how to effectively sponsor these powerful prospecting forums and exactly what to say during your 20 minute lunchtime session. Captivate their imagination with disturbing and intriguing science and math, hand them the right value-adding planning tools and watch your calendar overflow with opportunity.

The key to your uniqueness is the experience your client has with you. If you want to make the shift from being the local motel to being the Ritz Carlton, then re-shape your client’s experience of you and your office. Conduct a thorough audit of how prospects and clients feel when dealing with you during the acquisition, conversion and retention phases. Then commit to ramping up the “sizzle” factor in order to sell more “steak”. Steve and Anthony take you from McDonalds to Ruth Chris Steak House hot ideas for elevating your practice.