The family meeting and strategic alliance — The marketing campaign series

By Steve Savant

Ash Brokerage Corporation

The family meeting is more than meeting around the kitchen table. The family meeting is a preemptive gathering of the clan to circumvent the disharmony in post-mortem estate distribution among the beneficiaries. This is a new strategy for building family meetings into your prospecting work with current clients. Take the high road and introduce this "compliance issue" (and profitable revenue stream) from a position of moral obligation and fiduciary responsibility.

Discover how to have accountants and attorneys warmly referring you to their key clients through the “values trust” conversation and campaign. Wealthy Americans are looking for ways to control the transfer of their wealth to their children — many of whom believe that there is an ATM in the basement that gets magically filled with cash by elves every night. Learn how to position your joint work with these key professionals in a way that enhances their revenue base (without touching your commissions/fees).

Steve and Anthony introduce you to values trust conversation that can position you in front of the fiduciaries who control the check book. Steve and Anthony walk you through this new strategy that can really make your estate planning approach distinctive among your competitors.