Medicare consumer resources

By Steve Savant

Baby boomers become “Googlites.” No one generation has become such a recent user of the Internet like the boomers. They troll the Web like aliens visiting from another planet, attempting to assimilate information from earth’s centralized database.

The information on Med sup insurance is so voluminous, where do you begin? No one’s going to take the word of some company representative.

“Medicare: The federal government’s Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has a great deal of information available on their website at You can also reach them by phone at (800) 633-4227. TTY users should call (877) 486-2048."

"Many states operate health insurance assistance programs designed to provide assistance and information regarding Medicare, Medigap policies and long-term care policies. Each state has an insurance department that regulates the sale of all types of insurance within the state. These state agencies can provide information about Medigap policies” – Back Room Technician

Steve and Sam let their fingers do the walking through the official U.S. government handbook, Medicare and You.