Introduction to Medicare supplements

By Steve Savant

My neighbor is 64 ½ years old. I met him by our common area mailbox. His mailbox was jammed with Medicare information and advertisement pieces on Medicare supplements. The wave mailers are like a sales tsunami drowning the consumer with info-overload. He said to me, “How am I going to sort through all this?” And I responded, “How am I going to sort through all this?”

If you’re not in the Medicare supplement business, you’re going to have to rethink your business model. Everyday, ten thousand boomers are turning 65. If you’re looking to expand your practice with a product almost everyone buys, then Med sup is it. Med sup? That’s its street name. It may very well be the door into the senior market you’ve been looking for. Steve and Sam introduce you to Med sup, the number one consumer purchase of geriatric of America.