Is it all about the money, honey? — Women and money series

By Steve Savant

No, it’s not, you condescending fool. She’s not money-focused. She’s focused on what money can do for her family, friends and her community. Her immediate orbit is her family and career. If you don’t speak to her universe, you don’t exist.

Women approach money from a completely different perspective. After observing many advisors communicate with women clients in counter-productive ways, making them feel more confused, shamed and humiliated, I knew something had to change. Women struggle with different fears and frustrations than men. Women want clarity around their money and their financial strategies. They want to worry less, have more time to do the things they enjoy most, and want a financial planner who listens to them and understands their unique goals and concerns.

Steve and special guest Brittany Castor, CFP walk you through the rules of engagement with women and money.