Introduction into Social Security

By Steve Savant

Social security is the most important retirement plan — perhaps the only retirement plan — most Americans have for their golden years. Most Americans believe that Social Security is an entitlement. After all, they paid into it, or more accurately, they had it deducted from their paychecks whether they wanted to participate in the program or not. Recently, articles have surfaced on the Supreme Court’s decisions over the years on Social Security, seemingly to suggest the fund is not a guarantee nor a promise, i.e. no contract with the American people. Just last year, Jim Cooper (D-Tenn), in an interview with Matt Cover, stated, “They’re scheduled benefits and most Americans are not aware of that.”

Ken and I walk through some of these disturbing revelations and give an introduction to Social Security that can position your practice to help seniors maximize their Social Security benefits and integrate tax advantaged insurance products for supplemental retirement income.