Study: Agents value "ease of doing business"

By Gary Linnell

ProWEB Wire (Industry News)

Independent property/casualty agents highly value "ease of doing business" as the key to their success, according to a study conducted by Deep Customer Connections.

The study surveyed over 400 independent agents and brokers in the U.S. and Canada to uncover their views on carrier technology.

The survey found that agents attribute much of the cause of poor ease of use to companies' varied proprietary technology, ineffective use of technology and the use of technology that does not adequately take their needs into account.

Meanwhile, when carriers "offload workloads to agents," they appreciate the increased speed, accuracy and control that are part of doing more of the work at point of sale, but they also feel exploited by taking on the extra work with not additional compensation.

In addition, what agents most desire from carrier technology is ease of use, including ready access to reliability of performance, as well as carrier technology that can integrate with their agency management system and provide real-time upload and download capability.