About Us

American Retirement Systems, LLC is being built to put “Marketing” into their National Marketing Organization. We believe most producers can sell. What they need are people to see. To make that happen they must brand themselves consistently in their target market. A.R.S. will be creating a concierge marketing program to help agents do just that. Additionally, we will provide expert product analysis to help producers choose the right products not the wrong hype.
American Retirement Systems, LLC, was founded by Kevin Wingert, the former President of American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company. Kevin lead the marketing and product design teams that took AEL from $30 Million of assets at year end 1996 to nearly $18 Billion in assets 12 years later. Kevin was involved in the design of the 3rd index annuity product ever introduced in the U.S. back in 1995 and focused his 20 plus year home office career on marketing and products. A.R.S. is building and supporting an annuity product rating system to help producers understand which products will best fit their customer’s needs. Also, a former agent, at the start of his career, Kevin understands the importance and challenges of a producer branding themselves in their market place. A.R.S. is committed to building a producers marketing concierge program that will help agents build a broad customer base. Our vision is producers selling because A.R.S. markets them.
1. How long have you been in business?
Kevin Wingert has been in the insurance industry for 26 years starting as a producer in a Life Insurance Agency in Des Moines Iowa. For the last 20 years Kevin focused on marketing and product development first at American Life and Casualty, and then at American Equity where he served as President and on the Board of Directors since March 2001. Kevin was widely known as an agent’s President and index annuity expert.

2. What is your mission statement?
Our mission is to build our producers depth and breadth of business through quality branding and marketing of those producers while providing quality products that are clearly explained to our agents.

3. How many states are you licensed in? Which ones?
We do business in 49 states and The District of Columbia.

4. What products and services does your company specialize in?
We will specialize in fixed index annuities, traditional fixed annuities and multi-year guaranteed rate annuities. Our services will focus on product education including a fixed index annuity rating system and innovative selling systems supported by a unique concierge marketing program to brand agents.

5. What separates you from the competition?
We’re focused on product education and marketing our agents. Many marketing companies pitch silver bullet selling systems and don’t actually help producers build their customer base and future sales.

6. What is the #1 benefit of working with your Company?
The founder Kevin Wingert helped build one of the most successful fixed index annuity carriers in American by remembering who his customers are! Our customers, our producers, deserve extraordinary services, quality products that are explained correctly and marketing support to build their business.

7. What types of incentives (or perks) do you offer?
A.R.S. offers a new agent first business cash incentive. A co-op program starting at $1 million of annual production that elevates to Elite status at $2 million of annual production. Elite status will qualify a producer for our special concierge marketing and branding program. The Founders Elite Concierge Marketing Group will begin July 1, 2009 with the first 15 producers to reach Elite Production status prior to June 1, 2009. The Founders Elite Concierge Group will be involved in the design of this program.

8. Do you offer products and/or services that no one else offers?
A.R.S. offers a Fixed Index Annuity Product rating service and is building a unique producers concierge marketing and branding program.

9. What is the first thing you want prospective advisors to know about your organization?
American Retirement Systems, LLC was founded by Kevin Wingert because he believes there is a better way to deliver quality products, services and marketing support to producers. Professional Insurance Agents have a tough job and should expect more from their National Marketing Organization.

10. How do you measure success & how do you share success with your Producers?
We will measure success by improving our producer’s quality production. Our goal is for our Elite marketing Group to produce at least $5 million of quality new annuity production annually and grow 20 percent annually once they reach that level. A.R.S. will provide a unique concierge marketing and branding service for our producers all supported by a quality CO-OP Marketing Package.