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Bonus Gold (INDEX 1-07) with the Lifetime Income Benefit Rider (LIBR-2010) offered by American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company of West Des Moines, IA. 16 year surrender charge period. Product form number and features may vary by state. By choosing the IAV Accumulation Option 6.5% your clients will be charged a 0.60% annual fee from their base contract's contract value. IAV Accumulation Option 4.5% is available for all issue ages for no fee. IAV Option 6.5% available for ages 50+. IAV only used to calculate lifetime income payments. Not part of underlying base contract's contract value or available in a lump sum. Not included in death benefit. Interest grows until the earlier of payments beginning or the end of the IAV period. If payments not elected by 10th contract anniversary, growth of IAV stops unless client elects to reset accumulation period. Claims paying ability based on the financial strength of American Equity. See brochure and disclosure for details. Agent Use Only. Not for the use in soliciting to the public.