Why take the whole year to earn it?

By Bill Bachrach

Bachrach & Associates

Norman Levine is a legend in the insurance industry. We have had many great conversations over the many years we have known each other.

Norman always appeared to be a person who was good at making sure he spent time with his family and did charitable things.

One day I asked him how he always seemed to get his work done and have this time so well planned out for the year. He basically said it was very simple. He said all he did was divide his income goal by 40 weeks so he could have 12 weeks to give back to the industry, do charity work and have time with his family.

He knew exactly how much he needed to make in the 40 weeks of work to hit his goals. He’s right. Pretty simple, don’t you think?

How could you apply this simple idea in your life to help you achieve your goals?