About Us

Dressander|BHC was founded in 1982 by Virgil A. Dressander in Naperville, IL. Since its founding, his sons, Mike and Cam, have joined and eventually taken over running the “family” business. Dressander|BHC places a high value on relationships, and believes firmly in treating agents how they would want to be treated. They believed in helping to make agent’s dreams turn into a reality, and have been very successful in doing so by coming up with unique selling techniques to help close business at the point of sale.

BHC Marketing was founded in 1988 by Dr. Shelby Smith in the Woodlands, TX. They believed firmly in providing their agents with numerous value-added programs designed to help agents get in front of more clients to drive business. They helped to turn agents’ businesses into recognizable brands with personalized web sites, newsletters, and much more. Their success came from focusing on quality, not quantity, and making sure that their staff was specialized so they could deliver the best value possible to their agents.

The success of both companies did not go unnoticed, and in October and December of 2010, Futurity First Financial Group bought BHC Marketing and Dressander & Associates, respectively. The reason behind this purchase was to create synergies between two great companies that specialized in very different, but complementary, ways in helping to drive agents’ business. For about a year after the purchase, the companies worked together to inventory staff and programs in order to put together one, cohesive company that can serve agent’s needs better than any other company in the industry. The result is Dressander|BHC.

How long have you been in business?

We have over 50 combined years of experience.

What is your mission statement?

To provide every producer with creative marketing and sales programs that offer new levels of security, networking, and growth potential.

How many states are you licensed in? Which ones?

Over 45 states.

What products and services does your company specialize in?

We represent more than 30 annuity companies giving you access to the top contracts in the industry. You can feel secure in knowing that your dedicated Marketing Consultant is just a phone call or email away with accurate answers and detailed information on product options. We offer a wide range of services and products, including lead generation programs, selling solutions to close more business, business building, back-office support, as well as rewards and benefits for working with us. Please call us at 800-201-0224 to get in contact with one of our marketers to learn more about our incredible offerings to help you do more business.

What separates you from the competition?

We believe that our combined companies’ synergy is unparralled in the industry. Each company brought something unique to the industry that agents wanted. Now, we are one company that took the best from each and can deliver something no one else can match. We will continue to innovate and work for and alongside our agents to find solutions to their problems. By working together, our agents can achieve their dreams by utilizing our wide array of lead generation, selling solutions, and business building tools that will help them get to the next level of their career. At Dressander|BHC, we value our agents and will do what we can to ensure their success.

What is the #1 benefit of working with your company?

We give our agents access to the top contracts in the industry, as well as a dedicated Marketing Consultant that is easily accessible with accurate answers and detailed information on the product options. Our Marketing Consultants are highly informed individuals who can help guide you through the process of meeting clients, picking products, and closing sales. We have the best team available to help grow your business, and will continue to innovate new, creative ways to get you in front of clients and sell.

What types of incentives (or perks) do you offer?

We offer a two tiered reward program that repays agents for their loyalty and business. The first level, Profit, requires $375,000 in premium in a quarter or $1,500,000 in a year and earns the agent 50bps for marketing reimbursement. The second level, Profit Plus, requires $3,000,000+ producers receive Profit benefits and also earn deferred compensation credits equal to 10bps with banding at $6,000,000 earning 15bps and $10,000,000 earning 20bps.

We also have a yearly top producer trip for agents who produce $3 million or more in premium during the year. This is a 3 day, all expenses paid event including golf, spa, excursions, dinner, and impactful business meetings with the top producers in the nation.

Do you offer products and/or services that no one else can?

We have an "all-for-one-and-one-for-all" mentorship approach that gives our agents the opportunity to join us several times a year to learn from our biggest producers. At these events, one or two keynote producers will let you see their practices from top to bottom, as well as lead an idea-exchange session.

We also have one of the most experienced senior management teams in the industry – with a combined 141 years of experience, from across the industry – from all areas including selling products, managing sales, marketing, technology. We have the deep talent and knowledge necessary that will help agents succeed.

What is the first thing you want prospective agents to know about your organization?

We want them to know that we are committed to their success and will work alongside them every step of the way to help make their dreams turn into realities. We work tirelessly to come up with new lead generation tools and selling techniques. In addition, we do everything we can to help build our producers’ businesses, including training, branding, and anything else they may need.

How do you measure success and how do you share this success with your Producers?

We measure success by how well we meet our goals. Whether our goals are premium based, relationship orientated, or more broadly defined, we work hard to reach them and realize that we couldn’t without the help of our producers. We reward them with marketing dollars, deferred compensation, and our top producers event based upon the amount of production they provide for us.