Prosperity Elite 14 deferred fixed indexed annuity is a Multi Solution product that offers features for today's retirement challenges:

Solutions for Your Clients*:

Accumulation Options:

• Six interest crediting options, plus a fixed interest option

• Strong Caps!

Guaranteed Income (with GMWB)...

Unique Income Base defined as the greater of:

• Initial premium plus 18% bonus

• Premium growing at 6.25% for up to 10 years OR

• Account value or MGSV, whichever is greater

Death Benefit Options:

• Lump Sum: Initial premium + premium bonus + 5% simple interest**

• Over time: Income base (if taken over at least five years***)

Custodial Care Enhancer (with GMWB):

• Qualify and client receives up to two times the standard withdrawal payment+


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