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Best Advisor Ideas
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Hundreds of ideas from producers on topics like closing, objection handling, and more could be yours FREE!


You can now take ideas from hundreds of producers across the country to build an Elevator Speech custom to your business!

Catalog #1 “The Elevator Speech”

An effective Elevator Speech must answer…

• What is your product or service?
• Who is your target market?
• What is your unique selling proposition?
• What is your request or gain from the speech?

You have under 60 seconds and 200 words to deliver
this effectively to prospects.

This catalog is available till November 30th ONLY!

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BestAdvisorIdeas.com has put together a network of advisors that are willing to share ideas in exchange for your ideas. Top producers realize that no one holds the patent to all good ideas. Our concept is simple, we’ll choose a topic based on your feedback and take idea submissions for 6 weeks. At the end of that 6 weeks, we’ll compile a complete report and send it out to those of you who participated.

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