Over the years, I have conducted thousands of client seminars, and have sat down to interview countless numbers of prospective annuity buyers. It's safe to say I have seen and heard pretty much everything. Being fortunate enough to have such a strong team (more like a family) behind me, pushing me, I've been blessed with a great deal of success. With that, I would like to share the processes and strategies that have worked so well for me with you.

Having interviewed so many people throughout the years, I've noticed there are a lot of misconceptions about annuities out there. I've noticed several trends and consistent concerns in regards to annuities. So, I created a detailed manual, or perhaps a guidebook, that I use to help me navigate through many of the concerns I hear during the interview process. I am giving YOU the opportunity to learn from my successes.

As a practice builder and a mentor to hundreds of producers, I truly hope you use these strategies during yournext interview because I KNOW they work.

Happy Selling,

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*To qualify for Abe's Practice Builder program, Advisors should have written $485,000+ in Annuity Premium or $185,000+ in Target Life Premium over the past 12 months.

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