I’m Joe Bayliss and I’ve spent the past 30 years working in the radio industry with entrepreneurial companies and major corporations including CBS Radio and Clear Channel. After serving as the VP of Sales, Market Manager and even as an owner-operator, I’ve personally participated in and have witnessed a myriad of client negotiations and ad campaigns. Radio is a complex industry, but I understand the radio business inside and out.

If you have a radio show or thinking about starting one for the first time, I am ready to help you grow your practice right now.

The Impact Partnership and I have teamed together to unveil an incredible opportunity to provide radio-focused leadership for advisors across the country. Our main goal is to exponentially grow your practice. Immediately. I will work with you to develop an effective radio campaign from station selection and negotiations to show topics and campaign management. I’ve also worked to develop a detailed explanation of what goes into a successful radio campaign for you.

A radio campaign is one of the most successful ways to reach a large client base, but if it isn’t handled or maintained properly, it can become an expensive, disappointing mess. Every market is unique and what works in one city is not guaranteed to work in another.

As the Premier Radio Coach with the Impact Partnership, I encourage you to complete the form to download my Top 5 Radio Success Elements right now. There’s no catch. There are no gimmicks or games. You can download it instantly. I am confident these radio tools will work to benefit you and your practice.

Let’s get started!


Impactful Coaching Excerpt from Joe's Top 5 Radio Success Elements:

"When approaching the station, think big. Start with the General Sales Manager. You may get handed off to a representative, but I encourage advisors to start at the top. Letting your radio contacts know you are speaking with other stations in the market is a good idea. Inferring there are other market options while emphasizing your ability to invest in a long running radio show will help you maximize program value."

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* Advisors who have written $485,000+ In Annuity Premium in the past 12 months, qualify to work with The Impact Partnership.

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