Steven McCarty

Steven McCarty

San Diego, CA

Joined: March 22, 2006

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Name: Steven McCarty
Job Title: Chairman & Co-Founder
Biography: Steven R. McCarty is the Co-founder and Chairman of the National Ethics Association (NEA), a membership organization of over 25,000 financial services professionals. Since 2001, the NEA (and its predecessor, the National Ethics Bureau) has provided its members with two fundamental services: (1) a systematic stream of ethics and compliance resources designed to build and protect their businesses; and (2) a suite of tools and services designed to communicate their professional ethics to clients. For more information, go to

McCarty is a veteran of the insurance and financial services industry and brings decades of business management and marketing expertise to his leadership role at NEA. He manages relationships with members, sponsors, industry associations, and the financial media. He is a frequent speaker on how to leverage best practices for greater professional and personal success. He is also a regular contributor to various industry publications and his monthly column, "Ethics in Action”, appears in Senior Market Advisor, a financial services trade magazine.