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Name: Barbara Stahlecker
Job Title: 800-365-8208
Company Name: Premier LTC Brokerage Biography: In 1988 I was fortunate to be hired by Jim Glickman, the President and founder of LifeCare Assurance Company. I was the first employee LifeCare had and as such was involved in every aspect of the start-up, design, marketing and roll-out of the companies that LifeCare represented. Some of those were John Alden, Allianz Life, ALLIED Life, Republic-Vanguard, Lincoln Benefit Life, State Life and MassMutual. I could not have asked for a better mentor and teacher. In 1996, I was recruited by Barry Wolfe of Centrelink Insurance and Financial Services (Centrelink was later sold to Marsh-McClennan). I was tasked with starting Long Term Care Insurance Division at Centrelink. We were instrumental in putting LifeCare and LBL together to create the LBL LTC product that was sold from 1997 - 2003. In 1997, LBL-AllState brought me to Chicago to train all of the Brokerage managers on the LBL LTC product. Allstate made a video of this training which was subsequently distributed to the AllState offices throughout the U.S. At Centrelink, I worked exclusively with broker/dealers and their registered reps, Centrelink was one of the first wholesalers to be recognized by 3 national carriers for reaching $1 million in sales. At the time of my departure in 2004, sales had grown to more than $10 million per year. Also, when I first joined Centrelink, Barry was also the Executive Director of BRAMCO. So it became part of my job to bring LTC to the BRAMCO members and help them get their LTC departments up and running. Today, BRAMCO is major force in the LTCi industry. After a disastrous 3 years working with a firm in Burlingame, CA , in 2007, I founded Financial Planners LTC Services, providing complete “back-room” services to high-level financial planners around the country. One day during my recruiting, I stumbled upon Mike Wingate at Premier Senior Marketing. I was so impressed with his company that I came to meet with him and Tom Schueth personally. The rest (as they say) is histor
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