About Us

Referrals...The most powerful way to attract high quality clients

Referral Coach International works with:

  1. Sales professionals who want to build their business by fully mastering the referral process and tapping into the lifetime value of their clients.
  2. Companies who want to grow through a more productive and more committed sales force.
Referral Coach International teaches a client-centered system that makes clients and centers of influence willing participants in the referral process. Addressing the psychological aspects of referrals, as well as proven strategies, this is a comprehensive approach that thousands of sales professionals are currently using to attract high-quality clients ready to do business. If you or your salespeople don't have a proven referral system, you are clearly leaving money on the table.
As the author of the popular book Unlimited Referrals and president of Referral Coach International, Bill is considered the nation's foremost expert and speaker on increasing sales through high-quality referrals. Individual producers and companies call on Bill to help them increase sales and enhance client loyalty with his proven system. Bill is the creator of Unlimited Referrals Marketing System® and The Referral Coach Solution™.

Bill delivers high-content, high-energy keynotes, seminars, and comprehensive training programs. Bill and his referral system have been featured in Success Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Money Magazine, and Selling Power Magazine. Plus Bill writes monthly columns for On Wall Street and Horsesmouth.com. He is also a founding expert of MentorU -- a prestigious online mentoring and training company.

On the front line of sales for over 20 years, Bill Cates knows what it takes to win and keep a client's business. If you hire Bill to speak or train for your company, you can a expect high-content, high-energy, interactive program that will provide proven strategies, along with the motivation to put those strategies into use.

Are you a good candidate for my coaching program?

Some questions to help you decide if you could use a coach.
What is my desired result?
What is my budget?
What am I willing to do?
What am I not willing to do?
What do I expect from a coach?
Who are my choices?
What is the cost/benefit ration?
What is my action plan for contacting, narrowing down and choosing a coach?

These questions are from “The One Thing..” a presentation printed in by David Dricker and “D” Shannon