What are you doing to generate new clients?

Did you know that your income depends on how well you market yourself and your business? Looking at advisors that make more than $1 million, 70% of them have a marketing plan. Those that make less than $150,000, only 35% have a plan.

With only a few weeks left in 2012 it is CRITICAL that you contact us TODAY.

With just a moment of your time over the phone, we can gather all the information needed to create a marketing plan that will generate a consistent flow of your IDEAL prospects - prospects that have SPECIFIC NEEDS you can address, MONEY to spend and who are ready to MAKE A DECISION in the next 30 DAYS!

Get a COMPLIMENTARY, no obligation MARKETING ANALYSIS of your target area!

If you tell us your target zip codes where you want to promote your services, and the demographics of your target audience (age and household income), we will use that information to generate your target market profile. We will then use industry averages on response rates and commission percentages to generate your custom Market Analysis report.