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As financial advisors, you are able to help many Americans plan for a secure retirement. But in order to successfully advise your clients, you first need to earn their trust.

Clients report that honesty and trust are the most important traits they look for in financial advisors, and yet nearly half of investors say their trust in financial services declined in the past year. The financial services industry needs to address this crisis in trust.

The Trust Project serves as the trust handbook for financial advisors. The project provides analysis of how trust works in the advisor-client relationship, steps for building trust with clients, and methods to ensure that a trusting relationship lasts. Additionally, our Ethics Center addresses the importance of ethics in financial services and provides guidance for the ethical advisor.

The Trust Project includes articles, blogs and interviews with industry experts, all of which provide useful tools and concrete steps for you to use to build trust in your own practice.

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Trust: News Coverage
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    Life insurer group pushes auto-enroll retirement plans
    The American Council of Life Insurers is urging Congress to make changes to the retirement system as part of its tax reform agenda that encourage more Americans to begin saving for their post-work years.
  • BenefitsPro
    Retirement advisors labor to rebuild trust
    Many retirement accounts that took a hit in the Great Recession are back on track, but those dark days left a lingering, hard-to-erase legacy: an erosion of the trust that investors had placed in their financial advisors.
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