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Insurance sales: Gain trust, sell needBlog added by Dan Viñal on January 4, 2012
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Dan Viñal

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Did you know that an average of 88 million people watch an online video every day? Did you know that 75 percent of corporate executives watch business related videos at least once a week?

And did you know that online video is currently 40 percent of consumer Internet traffic, and that YouTube is the no. 2 search engine — right behind Google?

According to the Online Publishers Association, Web videos are 10 times more effective than Web pages and advertising banners. And according to articles in Fast Company and Business 2.0 magazines, Web videos are seven times more effective than PowerPoint or PDF presentations.

Scientifically-proven communication techniques

I was in personal production myself for almost 20 years until I sold my business in 1997. During those years, I used scientific communication techniques in my own sales presentations, and had discovered for myself how practically effective they can be. So not only do I understand the difficulties you face in selling insurance and annuities, but I also understand the science of communication as it applies to its influence on financial security decisions.

And it's necessary for the scientifically-proven communication techniques to go into both the composition and production of videos, to make them more effective at getting people to trust you and to understand their need for the insurance or annuities you sell.

Examples of scientific research used to build trust and sell need
  • Neural linguistics: how the brain processes language through auditory and visual stimuli
  • Rhetorical psychology: how our minds form rational and emotional thoughts from language
  • Cognitive fluency: how words, terms and phrases subconsciously affect behavior
  • Subliminal resonance: how our thoughts are influenced by unconscious perceptions
  • Kinetic typography: how synchronized text and narration improve comprehension
And all the techniques we use have been derived from the research and discoveries of communication experts and behavioral psychologists like:
  • Dr. Kerry Johnson, author of "Subliminal Selling"
  • Dr. Kevin Hogan, author of the "Psychology of Persuasion"
  • Dr. Robert Cialdini, author of "Influence: How and Why People Agree to Things"
You can take advantage of all these scientific communication techniques by simply asking people to watch a certain five minute video. And letting the video use these techniques to establish credibility for you, while getting your prospect or client to understand their need for the insurance or annuities you sell.
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