Insurance selling: "Presell" prospects before you meet with them

By Dan Vinal

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Whether you're selling auto and home or life, health and annuities it's always much easier to talk with someone who has already formed a positive impression of you, as well as a reasonable expectation of your value — prior to meeting with you.

So what you do to prepare your clients, prospects, leads or referrals before you meet with them is just as important (maybe more so) as what you do during and after your meeting.

When you meet with clients, prospects, leads or referrals are they in a receptive frame of mind — anxious to talk with you about a particular need or problem? Or are they cautious and reticent because they don’t know what to expect or if you are completely trustworthy?

Or worse, are they mentally and emotionally defensive, and preparing themselves to resist any attempts to persuade them into a buying decision?

Turn insurance selling into insurance buying

Even our clients — those who know us and trust us and are willing to invite us into their home or office — respond better when they are prepped for the topic of discussion.

Seminar audiences also get much more out of a presentation when they know what to expect, and are in the right frame of mind to listen and learn without any negative preconceptions.

Presell the need or the problem — not the solution

So how do you prepare your client or prospect for a meeting with you? Do you send them an agenda of what you'll be discussing? Do you ask them to read some sales literature, product information, complete a questionnaire? Do you ask them to gather together personal or financial information for you?

The presell really does matter

Clinical studies have shown that the selling/buying experience goes much faster and easier when the prospect has made some preliminary decisions or formed some perceptions of you and their expectations — before they actually meet with you — like:
  • Do they think you are knowledgeable and professional?
  • Do they think you are credible and trustworthy?
  • Do they think you will be "selling" them, or "advising" them?
Three preliminary presell perceptions

Establishing these three preliminary perceptions prior to any and every meeting has been proven to both improve the result (i.e., higher closing ratio, more sales) and make the experience faster, easier and without contention — for both the seller and the buyer.

But how can you do this? By accomplishing all three objectives prior to meeting with someone:
  • demonstrate an example of your knowledge and professionalism
  • subliminally imply your credibility and trustworthiness
  • focus their attention on solving a financial problem with a tax advantaged solution