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Jeff Reed
Rethinking the 'buy term and invest the difference’ strategy
Article posted by Jeff Reed
This is the real question: Is there a life insurance product out there that matches this risk profile more closely than term insurance? Yes, there is, and it turns out that everybody may have been wrong about this one.
Ray Levin
9 top tax tips for financial planners
Article posted by Ray Levin
As a financial planner, chances are you get more than a few tax-related questions in the early part of the year. Of course, the financial landscape is vast, and professionals should never stray too far from their areas of expertise — but the ability to provide clients with some solid tax advice is a great way to improve customer service and retention for your business. Here are nine tax filing tips financial planners can feel comfortable passing onto their customers.
Dan McGrath
Is Social Security really going broke?
Article posted by Dan McGrath
The outlook for Social Security does appear to be ominous at best, especially with too many people taking, not enough people putting in, and the government withdrawing money whenever possible. But even with all of this happening, the rhetoric and the worry may be all for naught and the reason is very simple: health care.
Brandon Roberts
Is it time to put away whole life insurance?
Article posted by Brandon Roberts
Despite being a year marked by what many consider the unluckiest number of them all, 13, last year was anything but unlucky for the stock market. With all major U.S. indices comfortably up in the double digits, the market allure has definitely started to come back en vogue. Does whole life insurance then go get tucked away to be forgotten until the next market fallout?
Vanessa De La Rosa
What makes baby boomers tick?
Article posted by Vanessa De La Rosa
Many advisors are still focusing on clients in the accumulation phase, figuring their AUM can only grow larger by doing so. Not these three advisors. They are doing remarkably well — AUM between $100 million and $300 million — by specializing in baby boomer retirement and understanding exactly how boomers tick.
Christopher P. Hill, RFC
Advisor checklist: 125 tasks that must be done on the most difficult day of your client's life
Article posted by Christopher P. Hill
Regrettably, the financial services industry has not yet readily adopted end-of-life planning as a part of the standard services we provide. Here are 125 tasks that must be done on the most difficult day of your client's life, which I am fully confident will serve as a valuable tool for anyone who has recently lost a loved one.
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Amy McIlwain
Social media ownership: business account vs. personal account
Article posted by Amy McIlwain
You wouldn’t let a former employee walk out of your office with the TV from your lobby, the refrigerator from the break room, or the computer off of your desk. Don’t let them sneak away with your digital property, either, because losing a social profile, its followers and the resources invested in growing those networks could be a significant loss to your business.
Bill Coffin
Grow up and buy some life insurance, already
Article posted by Bill Coffin
So many producers and carrier executives bemoan the fact that life insurance sales aren’t what they could be because people don’t understand the need, and because the products are too complex. That is irrelevant. People don’t buy life insurance because they don’t feel sufficiently obligated to.
Barb Donnar
Who in my agency needs insurance licensing?
Article posted by Barb Donnar
Do the people who work in my agency need insurance licensing? That sounds like a simple question, doesn’t it? But often, the answer to this question is "maybe.” To determine whether or not someone needs insurance licensing, you have to review the functions they are performing.
Paul Cross
LIBRs and GLWBs: What agents need to know now
Article posted by Paul Cross
In addition to lifetime income provisions, including the payout factors that can impact the income stream, here are some factors agents need to know now relative to optional income benefit riders, LIBRs and GLWBs.
Paul Wilson
Stuck in the middle with you
Article posted by Paul Wilson
Many boomers find themselves in the unfamiliar role of providing support for both aging parents and children struggling to achieve financial independence. As pressures mount, many are turning to their advisors for support—and it isn’t limited to financial advice.
Daniel Steenerson
Marketing disability insurance to women
Article posted by Daniel Steenerson, CLU, ChFC, RHU
Most people don’t think twice about insuring their “stuff.” Yet surprisingly few think about insuring against a disabling illness or injury, even though the ability to continue earning a paycheck over a lifetime is worth much more than that stuff ever will be. And given the facts and statistics on women and disability, it should be obvious why you need to know how to market DI to women. In fact, the real question should be, why wouldn’t you?
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