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Lew Nason
​The Simple Lead Generation System That Never Fails!
Article posted by Lew Nason RFC, LUTCF
Most advisors are struggling with finding enough leads/prospects because they don't have or follow a complete 'step by step' lead system. They tend to try a little of this, then a little of that and if it doesn't give them the immediate results they were looking for, they try something else. They never completely follow through on the entire process. Here is a simple lead generation system that never fails!
Michael Goldberg
6 Ways to Make Real Connections on LinkedIn
Article posted by Michael Goldberg
Although I’m still learning a lot of the social media tricks of the trade myself, I realize that, like any form of marketing, LinkedIn is a process, not an event. It’s got to be used for the long haul. Just like the hundreds of phone calls I used to make off of lead lists. It’s a process. Keep in mind, all the ideas above can be applied to those you meet and “like” at actual networking meetings, holiday parties, and business functions. Yes, real life people! Not just those that appear on your hand held device. Whether online or off, it just comes down to having a system to connect with and relate to people. And it always will.
Bernice Napach
7 tips to maximize Social Security benefits from an ex-SSA Director
Article posted by Bernice Napach
‘Good things come to those who wait and those who work,’ said Kurt Czarnowski.
Michael Goldberg
7 Opportunities to Be More Extroverted
Article posted by Michael Goldberg
You don’t have to be an extrovert to be more extroverted. But, as with anything, the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Start practicing now.
Greg Preite
7 Reasons Why Advisors Should Be Email Marketing
Article posted by Greg Preite
If you aren't currently implementing it in your practice, you could find yourself losing market share to those who are.
Curtis Hawks
Overcoming 5 common life insurance objections
Article posted by Curtis Hawks MBA
We all know life insurance is an important tool for a financial plan, but what do you do when a client or prospect rejects the policy?
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Christopher P. Hill, RFC
Want to Make Sure Kids Can Attend College?
Article posted by Christopher P. Hill
For decades now, financial professionals and families have focused on utilizing the 529 College Savings Plan (529 Plan) as the most preferred and popular way to save for college. Although each state’s 529 Plan varies with regards to the investments options, in my home state of Virginia, the mutual fund investment family of choice is American Funds.
Stephanie Shields
Workplace benefits: Are your clients prepared for Gen Z?
Article posted by Stephanie Shields
Taking time to better understand Gen Z’s values and needs now can help advisers create comprehensive benefits strategies for clients that will help attract and retain the best talent.
Stanley J. Targosz III
FAFSA Changes Around the Corner....
Article posted by Stanley Targosz III
Time Sensitive: FAFSA deadline on October 1st for students applying for financial aid.
Michael Goldberg
Business Networking: How to End a Conversation
Article posted by Michael Goldberg
Bottom line, ending a “not so great” conversation comes down to rejection. Nobody likes to be rejected and almost nobody likes to make others feel rejected. But as in sales, there is always the risk of rejection, which is the same thing as not being accepted (I think Maslow covered that!). Be direct and do what you must with respect, empathy, and professionalism.
Ryan J. Perkins
FIA: Fixed-Income Alternative
Article posted by Ryan J. Perkins
In our current environment, utilizing traditional portfolio structure and vehicles might not be the most effective. Now is the time to encourage your clients to examine their portfolios closely.
Michael Goldberg
5 Reasons to Collect Business Cards at Events
Article posted by Michael Goldberg
First and foremost, why have you collected the business cards in the first place? Are you collecting business cards just for the sake of it? Are you exchanging cards, or just collecting their cards? Do you exchange cards with everyone you meet? What’s your purpose?
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