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Why Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman are wrong about life insurance in retirement
Article posted by Tom Martin
Are the media pundits correct when they advise that the average family to dump their coverage in retirement? Probably not.

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The big picture on dual licenses
Article posted by David Port
Advisors speak out about the benefits of being dually licensed.

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Tye Elliott
The key to targeting millennials
Article posted by Tye Elliott
As a broker, it’s essential to help your clients see the value to truly understanding the needs of their growing millennial workforce.

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Joelyn Brickner
Alex Yoo: Through words and deeds, Pt. 2
Article posted by Joelyn Brickner
When Alex Yoo retired from fighting fires, he decided he'd help people by becoming a financial advisor. “Whatever I did, it had to be a profession that would leave a lasting impression — like a thumbprint on a piece of clay — on peoples’ lives.”

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Melissa Hillebrand
Ranked! Here are 2015's top schools for insurance degrees
Article posted by Melissa Hillebrand
The time to recruit the next generation is now. Start by hitting up the schools with the top 10 programs.

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