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Roccy Defrancesco
When underperforming the S&P 500 is a good thing
Article posted by Roccy DeFrancesco
If you are tired of clients or potential clients pointing to the S&P 500 index as their investment benchmark, use the information in this article to help them understand that the S&P 500 has far too much risk to be used as a benchmark for an overall wealth building portfolio.

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Mike Anthony
When Medicaid and tax rules collide
Article posted by Mike Anthony, JD, CMP™
I noticed several incongruities between long-term care Medicaid rules and tax rules that every advisor should know and understand. So before you get too busy filling out your 1040, I thought I’d recap some good ways to make sure you and your clients are ready.

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Alanna Ritchie
Defined benefit plans and the impact on the annuity market
Article posted by Alanna Ritchie
As more companies join ranks as DC plan providers, both the primary and secondary market can expect new consumers interested in reliable and flexible financial products.

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Steve Selengut
Is the retirement-ready 401(k) just a dream?
Article posted by Steve Selengut
The speculative essence of 401(k) product menu choices, coupled with the utter disinterest in providing meaningful income choices (even toward the end of a TDF “glide path”), just screams that there must be a better way for employers to get 401(k)-like, tax deferral and wealth accumulation benefits.

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Melissa Hillebrand
Ranked! Here are 2015's top schools for insurance degrees
Article posted by Melissa Hillebrand
The time to recruit the next generation is now. Start by hitting up the schools with the top 10 programs.

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