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Bill Coffin
Grow up and buy some life insurance, already
Article posted by Bill Coffin
So many producers and carrier executives bemoan the fact that life insurance sales aren’t what they could be because people don’t understand the need, and because the products are too complex. That is irrelevant. People don’t buy life insurance because they don’t feel sufficiently obligated to.

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Amy McIlwain
Social media ownership: business account vs. personal account
Article posted by Amy McIlwain
You wouldn’t let a former employee walk out of your office with the TV from your lobby, the refrigerator from the break room, or the computer off of your desk. Don’t let them sneak away with your digital property, either, because losing a social profile, its followers and the resources invested in growing those networks could be a significant loss to your business.

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Barb Donnar
Who in my agency needs insurance licensing?
Article posted by Barb Donnar
Do the people who work in my agency need insurance licensing? That sounds like a simple question, doesn’t it? But often, the answer to this question is "maybe.” To determine whether or not someone needs insurance licensing, you have to review the functions they are performing.

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Sara Ruthnum
5 reasons financial advisors need LinkedIn
Article posted by Sara Ruthnum
LinkedIn is the financial advisors best friend, and it can be so much more than just a digital resume full of your skills and experience. Here are five reasons you should harness the power of LinkedIn and use it unlike any other social network.

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Justin R. Brown
Is Twitter advertising an effective way to grow your agency?
Article posted by Justin Brown
Twitter can be a great fit for those looking to grow their audience, collect individual leads or encourage more people see a great piece of content on your site, as well as offer a great addition to the social media strategies you already have in place.

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