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Curtis Hawks
The importance of offering a second opinion and policy review
Article posted by Curtis Hawks MBA
In any industry with personalized professional service, a second opinion or check up is a valuable way to ensure progress and uncover any potential missed opportunities. For an agent or advisor, not only is a policy review part of reinforcing quality of services to a client, it may also present other business.

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Michael Goldberg
Attitude and effort
Article posted by Michael Goldberg
When it comes down to it, there are really two things in life that you have complete control over: your attitude and your effort.

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John R. Graham
22 reasons why salespeople don't close more sales
Article posted by John R. Graham
Selling is hard enough without being weighed down by attitudes and behaviors that bother clients.

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Kelly Moser
Whoops! Why you shouldn’t use your personal social media accounts for business
Article posted by Kelly Moser
I want to tell you a cautionary tale that might make you think twice about mixing business with pleasure.

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Ed McCarthy
Changing channels: What's next in life insurance distribution?
Article posted by Ed McCarthy
Are insurance advisors about to go the way of VCRs and be replaced by online avatars? Not likely.

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