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Amy McIlwain
How advisor Brittney Castro used social media to successfully connect with women
Article posted by Amy McIlwain
I recently had the chance to sit down with Brittney Castro in Los Angeles to talk social media and digital marketing. Brittney is a certified financial planner and the CEO of Financially Wise Women. She has been incredibly successful using social media as a marketing tool, despite the restrictions and limitations that the financial services industry brings. Check out our interview below.

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Maggie Crowley
Top 3 excuses for not using a website to market your firm
Article posted by Maggie Crowley
Consider the impact a great online presence can have on your business. If your business is doing well without a website, think about how even better it could be with a website.

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Wayne Cotton CLU
Is the fear of missing out preventing your success?
Article posted by Wayne Cotton CLU
The fear of missing out (FOMO) is a recurring condition that kills the productivity of many people in our business. You have to watch carefully for the symptoms of FOMO and take action right away when you notice it creeping up.

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Amy McIlwain
A social media success story in the financial services industry [video]
Article posted by Amy McIlwain
Steve Savant is one of these financial professionals who has chosen to adopt social media into his marketing practices, and he has seen great success from these efforts. Watch my interview with Steve Savant below to learn how you, too, can achieve this success!

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Amy McIlwain
2014 Electronic communications compliance report: What you need to know as a financial advisor
Article posted by Amy McIlwain
Smarsh, a cloud-based archiving solution for financial advisors, recently released their annual Electronic Compliance Survey Report. In its fourth year, the Smarsh survey seeks to identify trends and concerns in financial services.This year’s results reinforce the shift in attitude toward an acceptance of more types of electronic messages (and the compliance ramifications).

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