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Christopher P. Hill, RFC
4 Reasons Seminars are the BEST Way to Grow Your Business
Article posted by Christopher P. Hill
Although we know most people need our services as much as we need their business, we have to go out and find them.

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Brian Leising
The Eight Elements of Extended Care Riders
Article posted by Brian Leising
Here are eight of the major distinguishing features of extended care riders offered on life insurance contracts. All include some combination of the eight elements. This allows you to find the right formula for each client.

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Long Live Premium Financing!
Article posted by Mike Connell, CLU, ChFC
For individuals with sufficient liquidity, premium financing continues to, and will always be, a cost effective way to fund a policy.

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Brian Leising
The life insurance conversion option you may be missing
Article posted by Brian Leising
What do you do when a new fully underwritten permanent plan of life insurance is not an option? You look at conversion options.

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Warren Hersch
Life insurance policy reviews: 6 key questions explored
Article posted by Warren Hersch
Too often agents and advisors overlook critical questions in a life insurance policy review that can result in a poor product recommendation.

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