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Janet Levaux
FINRA’s top 5 exam priorities for 2017
Article posted by Janet Levaux
FINRA is targeting advisors with repeat offenses, reps and firms that target senior clients, and other misconduct

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Janet Levaux
Equity funds rule in 2016: Morningstar
Article posted by Janet Levaux
Despite some bumps during the year, stock pickers proved their worth, according to one analyst

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Danielle Andrus
2017 Markets: The great unknown
Article posted by Danielle Andrus
Fearless forecasters share the highs, lows — and their worries — about 2017’s markets and economy

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Warren Hersch
Fed hike a positive for rate-sensitive insurance products
Article posted by Warren Hersch
Life insurers should see better yield from their investment portfolios, Moody's report says.

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