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Marlene Satter
Top 10 fiduciary errors and how to avoid them
Article posted by Marlene Y. Satter
When fiduciaries make mistakes, they can be costly not just to the organization, but for the fiduciary personally. Here are 10 mistakes you'd better hope to not make.

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Michael Markey
4 myths Dave Ramsey is spreading about fixed annuities (and how to overcome them)
Article posted by Michael Markey
When did it become acceptable to blame the tool rather than the carpenter for a job poorly done?

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Sean A. Ruggiero, CEP
Minimize your retirement tax footprint
Article posted by Sean Ruggiero
Many retirees and pre-retirees are not aware, or have not planned on how to minimize their tax footprint in retirement.

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Ed McCarthy
Avoiding variable annuity compliance problems
Article posted by Ed McCarthy
It’s easier to avoid compliance problems than to resolve them.

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Roccy Defrancesco
Like it or not, all advisors are now fiduciaries
Article posted by Roccy DeFrancesco
I find the fact that many advisors are all up in arms about these new regs somewhat comical. Who would argue that all advisors should always give advice that’s in their client’s best interest?

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