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Long-term care planning: Make it an asset, not an expense
Article posted by Mike Padawer
Long-term care planning once meant buying traditional long-term care insurance, usually with “use or lose it” benefits and a lack of any real cost certainty. However, with the evolution of financial planning, it's becoming clear that long-term care planning should be a component of a comprehensive plan.

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Steven Johnson
4 myths about disability insurance, busted
Article posted by Steven Johnson
This is one product line where mythbusters are sorely needed.

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James Katzaman
Business calling: Small to medium enterprises need benefits help
Article posted by Jim Katzaman
Going into business can be exciting, but the reality brings great responsibility. A business owner is not only responsible for the success of the business, but also for the employees and the families who rely on them.

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Mike Anthony
Tug-of-war between lawyers and financial advisors escalates
Article posted by Mike Anthony, JD, CMP™
There’s always been a tug-of-war between legal providers and financial services. But lately, it seems that both sides are adding muscle to the fight. Recent rulings in Pennsylvania and Florida push these issues to the extreme.

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Tye Elliott
Voluntary insurance: A secret weapon for the underdog
Article posted by Tye Elliott
According to a survey, approximately 3 out of 4 Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck and less than 1 in 4 Americans would actually have enough money in their savings account to cover a medical emergency or unexpected event. This isn’t a pretty financial picture, especially when accidents strike.

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