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Allison Bell
Trump takes on state insurance regulators
Article posted by Allison Bell
Trump takes on state insurance regulators while Clinton defends the ACA provisions that grew out of the old patient's rights bills

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Don’t get ‘pinkwashed’: Be smart when donating for breast cancer
Article posted by Benefits Pro
Are you ready for the annual pinking of America? If it's dyeable or wrappable, it's pink: footballs and football stadiums, lunch meat packages and juice bottles, buses and beauty products

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Marlene Satter
9 ways to ward off unexpected medical bills
Article posted by Marlene Y. Satter
While some states do have some protections in place to keep patients from being buried under overwhelming bills arising out of out-of-network services, many do not.

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Curtis Hawks
Everything you need to know about critical illness awareness month
Article posted by Curtis Hawks MBA
In addition to being a CD Renewal Month, October is also critical illness awareness month, as designated by Assurity Life Insurance Company. While relatively new, the critical illness awareness month program reflects the growing importance (and concern) of critical illnesses.

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Stephanie Shields
Voluntary insurance: Real solutions for real protection
Article posted by Stephanie Shields
Most employees do not have enough money saved for unexpected medical costs. Open enrollment is the best time to educate them on their coverage options.

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